Conference in royal

milieu, in unique

historical location 

Settled in a picturesque park, the grandiose Royal Palace with its friendly rooms and capacious conference halls is perfectly suitable for business conferences and family programmes.  
The Royal Palace was one of the main conference venues during the 6 monthes of the Hungarian Presidency of the European Union in 2011, around  200 – 250 events took place here, 16 of them were on ministerial niveau


  • Rental of a conference hall from 10 up to 500 persons capacity  
  • Technical equipments  (  microphones, amplifier, projector  etc. )
  • Coffee breaks  
  • Business lunch, buffet or served  e.g   in the Salon of Queen Elisabeth 
  • Gala dinner in the grandiose festive hall of the palace, in the Ceremonial hall or in the Riding hall 
  • Music performance  in the Baroque Theatre  or in the Ceremonial Hall and much more options for your special demands to  colour  your event 

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Riding Hall 
Size : 41 x 15.5m,   Reception area : 636 m2,  Max: 500 persons

Ceremonial Hall 
Size : 12x14m,  Reception area : 166 m2,  Max:180 persons
Baroque Theatre
Size : 8x13 m,   Reception area : 104 m2,  Max:140 persons 
Secret Saloon of Queen Elisabeth – Max:188 persons

Actuality – Seasonal offers


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