Wellness is definitely not just about bathing. It is the body and the soul clear refreshing, care of beauty, relaxation, healthy feed.

The best place for a week in wellness, is one of Hungary’s thermal hotels, which offer you all the care and treatments that one may need after stressy work.

Hungary is extremely rich in thermal waters, its thermal water reserve is significant on a world scale and on European scale it is outstanding. Most of the mineral and medicinal waters contain dissolved minerals endows them with curative powers, and makes them suitable for bathing and drinking cures. Thermal waters in Hungary are present in almost every regions of the country, but about three-quarters of the wells are located in the Great Hungarian Plain. This treasure was already known to the Romans. Hungary has 1289 thermal springs, 39 thermal baths, 5 heal caves, 48 kinds of quality mineral water, 136 heal springs, 4 mudplaces and mofetta. Europe's only cave-spa is in Northeast Hungary, in Tapolca, while Hévíz lake near lake Balaton is the best known hot water ( 33 °C ) medicinal-water lake in Europe. Budapest has been enjoying the name "the world's spa capital". Some of its baths had been already operating during the Turkish occupation (16 th -17 th centuries). There are some two dozen baths and 13 spas in the capital.

The base of the treatments in thermal hotels, is the natural spring and thermal medicinal water and mud, rich in mineral elements with significant curative power. These natural resources are especially effective in the treatment of disorders of the locomotive system such as arthritis and rheumatism. Every spa operates under close medical supervision by experienced doctors, expert in the field of spa medicine. Thermal waters are also effective if you are only looking for refreshment and relaxation. In thermal hotels you will also have the choice of healthy, calorie-controlled menus.

The therapeutic services generally include:

  • physiotherapy
  • electrotherapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • packs
  • inhalation
  • balneotherapy

To find out what suits you best, simply choose from our wellness and spa hotels selection.

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